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Firefighters had to rescue him from his Mercedes that is crumpled, and images that are shocking revealed the extent of the damage. The moment he crashed into the central reservation was recalled by the defender. Souare said: “It seemed like I could not move my leg and I was only thinking that is something serious. “A guy was driving past and arrived in my car and tried to help me. “I could not move, I could not do anything else so I just listened to him, he was very kind, he had been helping me, he was saying my name. “The left feared that he would never play soccer again and back was ruled out for six months. He suffered a broken leg and was forced to miss the African Nations Cup campaign in January of Senegal. His dad Alassane passed away in December. I have lost my father may his soul rest in peace. “He was a role model, a powerful man and a whole lot more besides, but words are tough to find at this time. You give me power. “He’s currently closing in having played 45 minutes at the end of August for Palace Under-23s.The Senegalese star also announced himself match fit on September 11 — just a year after the debilitating automobile crash.He added: “When you’re a soccer player you think nothing could happen to you.”You have to consider if you’re able to play soccer or not, I had been thinking about it every day — you’ve got to just keep going.”Souare has been an integral part of the squad under Alan Pardew before the Collision and joined Crystal Palace in February 2015. agen sbobet

However, it was he became aware of his environment, his ears and senses and once the dust out of the airbags had settled. His right leg was immobilized, the driver’s door of his mangled vehicle having folded itself inwards on impact and pinned him to his chair. Another commuter on the M4, who had witnessed the crash that day a little over a year ago, to concentrate and urged the footballer, as calmly as he could, had pulled over. I actually listened to him, waiting and waiting, and I could not move or do anything.

“At the moment you can do something dumb, trying to move your leg or trying to escape the car, so I must thank that stranger for speaking to me, for telling me to wait and hope the ambulance people who were coming. But when he talked to me I was nervous. The door was on my leg and I did not understand what went on. The one thing I had growing up was my fantasy of being a footballer. I have my legs. I was scared, considering my career.”

Souaré tells his story without even a grimace nowadays. He wants people to know what happened in a September as a way to thank those who’ve given support or words of encouragement to him within 12 weeks. When fears abounded that the Senegalese may not walk again restart a career that has taken him into the Premier League through Lille from the Diambars academy in Saly there were times in the aftermath of the crash. His recovery is the great news story of this effort of that the club.

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