Hey there fellow travelers and adventure seekers! Buckle up because you’re about to embark on a journey filled with laughter, mishaps, and unforgettable experiences as we kick off our Europe trip series.

So, picture this: we wake up in Bangalore, groggy-eyed and excited, ready to start our epic adventure. But first things first, we need to catch our flight to Dubai. Cue the mad rush to the airport, where we hop into a cab and zoom off like we’re in some action-packed movie scene.

Now, let’s talk about Bangalore International Airport Terminal 2 – the new kid on the block, and apparently, according to UNESCO, one of the best airports in the world. Well, aren’t we fancy? We strolled around, checked out some stores (hello, liquor and toy shops!), and even tried our luck at getting into the lounge. Spoiler alert: none of our credit cards worked, except for mine. So naturally, I had to brave the lounge solo while my partner waited outside, sipping on complimentary drinks like it’s nobody’s business.

Speaking of drinks, let’s talk about that cocktail the bartender recommended. A stroke of genius, my friends. But the buffet breakfast? Meh. It was like they were trying to be healthy or something – not exactly what we were craving before a long flight.

Fast forward to boarding Emirates flight to Dubai. Middle row seats? Not ideal, but at least we were together. And can we take a moment to appreciate those complimentary polaroid photos? Pure gold, I tell you. The food? Well, let’s just say we’ve had better, but hey, it’s all part of the experience, right?

Touching down in Dubai was a breeze – immigration was a piece of cake, thanks to our previous visit. Sim card? Check. Metro ride to Mall of Emirates? Check. And let’s not forget the unexpected workout we got lugging our luggage through the mall to our hotel. Note to self: next time, pack lighter.

But hey, check-in was smooth sailing, and before we knew it, we were kicking back in our room, ready to tackle day one of our Dubai adventures. Stay tuned for the next installment, where we dive headfirst into the magical world of Mall of Emirates. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Budget Tips:

  • Look out for combo deals at Klook for major attractions.
  • Consider using public transportation like the Metro to save on taxi fares.
  • Compare prices for SIM cards and opt for budget-friendly options that meet your needs.

Time-saving Tips:

  • Utilize online check-in options for flights to avoid long queues at the airport.
  • Book cabs for places that have half transportation time as compared to metros.
  • Plan your transportation routes in advance to minimize travel time between destinations.
  • Opt for hotels with easy access to public transportation or attractions to save time on commuting.

Until next time, happy travels and keep the laughs coming! ✈️🌍

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